About Kalos4…

An undeserving and wretched sinner saved through the work of Jesus Christ and changed by God’s grace, according to His will, to serve His purposes. I am just along for the ride, but I am both curious and anxious to see what happens. It’s not just a life, it’s an adventure and even though I don’t trust me, I do trust the Lord, so I am 100% confident that everything will work out exactly the way it should. Jesus IS God in the flesh- 100% God & 100% Man. He is my hope and my salvation. Thank You Lord Jesus for my life and for this wonderful universe! Do with me as You will.

2 Responses to “About Kalos4…”

  1. Hey Kalos,

    I saw your profile on christian guitar forum and had a question. I am in a alternative/rock band, and have had many chances to speak with non-believers, and it came to me that one particular individual I was speaking with is seeking God, yet is surrounded by mormons. I wanted to know since you wrote in the forum that you were once a LDS, what you would say to someone in her situation… seeking God, always feeling His hand, but unsure of truth… and in my opinion, surrounded by those who may mislead her to a lie mixed with the truth. If you could help, that would be very appreciated, thank you. My email is andeee77@gmail.com

    • Hi Andy,

      I really appreciate your heart towards your friend in this matter and I have found myself in similar circumstances quite a few times over the years since I became a Christian. There is so much that can be said and done that it it difficult to know where to begin, but I would encourage her to first and foremost seek after God by looking to His Word and by praying to Him and asking God to reveal Himself to her. It seems that she already believes that He is there, but she doesn’t really know who He is or what He is like. Point her to learn about Jesus in the Gospel of John and then have her read Romans. This is where I frequently point seekers to if they are at the beginning of their search for truth because ‘Truth’ is THE issue. Psalm 119:160 The sum of Thy word is truth, And every one of Thy righteous ordinances is everlasting. NAS

      I would be happy to enter into an ongoing dialogue with you (or even with her directly if she would like to talk with an ex-Mormon who left the LDS church right in the midst of preparing for an LDS mission) and we could discuss and address specific issues as they arise with regard to specific points of discussion you have with your friend. This would probably be of more benefit to you and her rather than my attempting to give some kind of vague and generic ‘one size fits all’ type of advice because each heart and circumstance is so unique and dynamic.

      I am very well versed in LDS doctrine and theology and I have witnessed to many, many LDS people over the last 25 years. I currently live in Provo, Utah about 5 miles away from BYU and the MTC, right on the front lines. I have witnessed to LDS people out in front of the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City a number of times and I have many LDS friends. I am always willing to have a dialogue with anyone, but I do not like or even want to argue with anyone. Please let me know specifically how I can be of help either informationally or conversationally to you and I will do my best for you both.

      Thank you for the opportunity to serve and help. This is why God made us Christians!

      Timothy Schmall †

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